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5 Steps to Bring Your Small Business Online

September 10 - 2 year before blogpost

I am happy as you are reading this post and have decided to bring your business online. This is where your customers are spending most of their time. Websites or the online presence of your business is the best way to reach your target customers directly.

Many businesses, however, start with a simple Facebook page or Shopify store and that may also be a good start as well as they think how can I create my own website? To bring your small business online you should follow a certain strategy and step-by-step process. The following steps help small business owners in making their online presence. Let us discuss the steps now.

5-Steps to Build Own Website

Anyone from small to large business owner and from a technical or non-technical background. Now let us see the steps in detail:

Step 1: Find the need and fill it

Most of the business owners think that they should have firstly a product then they should look for the market. However, the reality is that for a successful business firstly you should start searching and analyzing the market. Several such forums exist that may help you in market analysis.

Step 2: Write a Selling Copy

The sales copy formula should be like that can help your clients throughout the selling process. The moment when they will arrive for the service to that when they make the purchase. Some of the key considerable points are:

  • Compelling headlines to increase or enhance user interest
  • A detailed description of how your product can help the users in solving their problems?
  • Add testimonials of the previous clients
  • Talk about your product and its benefits
  • Make an offer
  • Ask them to buy

Throughout the sales copy focus on the unique features of the product and how it can solve the customer’s problems. Think like a customer while making the sales copy ready for them.

Step3: Design and build a user-friendly website

Once you have decided on your product and nailed down the selling process, now you are ready to sell your product or service. Remember that you do not have very much time to grab customer’s attention. You must take their attention in less than five seconds otherwise they are not going to visit your site again ever. For this you can consider the following point for website design:

  • For a web page try to use one or two plain and standard fonts on white background
  • Keep the navigation simple and clear and similar for every page
  • Use graphics and audios on-site if only they are necessary
  • Try to make the buying process easier
  • Make the website user-friendly

Designing a user-friendly and responsive website can become easier with WebsFB. The platform is highly user-friendly, and you don’t need to be technically skilled to make your online presence through WebsFB. Either you are budget-conscious or have time-limitation.

For both the cases you can chose WebsFB platform. The site offers 6-month free setup without any cost and commitment. It’s just 7 step simple process to start or bring your business online. You can also take the help of expert developers if you are looking for any guidance or need help.

Step 4: Optimize website for search engine

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving site ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and many others. You can also bring organic visitors to your site that too without directly approaching them.  However, every search engine has its own ranking criteria, but they look for some of the common page attributes like:

  • Relevant Page Content
  • Keywords
  • Meta Tags
  • Website Navigation
  • Sitemap
  • Image Optimization
  • Link Building

Many SEO techniques can make the advertising process easier and effective. SEO techniques are capable to bring traffic to your site organically. PPC campaigns, keyword placing, and optimizing site content for search engines are a few of the ways that can make the process easier. You can not only get immediate traffic to your website but can get in organic manner.

Step 5: Generate and maximize the leads

Internet and some of the online marketing strategies are a great way to increase your website sales. You can give an amazing experience to your customer and increase the product sale. Back-end selling and upselling are a few of the latest selling techniques that are capable to close your sale or bring them back to your platform. You can achieve it through the following points:

  • Offer their desired or expected products
  • Offer them some discounts for their first or next purchase
  • Present a “Thank You” page for their final purchase

By rewarding the customer for loyalty, you can get loyal clients in turn.

Final Thought

The use of the internet is increasing day by day and one year of the offline world is equal to five years of the real world. But many times, due to lack of proper information to start online business vendors or owners lag. A simple and easy-to-use website can showcase the service and product and enhance the service reachability.

The team of WebsFB professionals can always guide you through the entire web development process. If you are keen to bring your local business online through the optimized portfolio, then we are here. You only need to conduct some research to provide the relevant information to WebsFB team and that’s all done.

You now don’t need to wait to reach your target audience. At WebsFB, we feel proud in helping our customers and making their worldwide online presence. Check out the site to know the platform qualities and making your online portfolio.

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