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Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Fitness and Healthcare Website

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The online presence of fitness or online training website is one of the fastest-growing segments. Whether you own a fitness center or are an individual gym trainer, you need an online presence to prove your credibility. Fitness websites include some standard elements.

Even website owners cannot have one size or design fits all approach. The website is the best place to showcase or introduce your work. The website or online presence can do a lot for the business. The best website can help small business owners in showcasing their best work done so far, customer testimonials, or a medium to contact their customers. 

Why Should You Have a website?

Today if you run a business without a website then you may be missing out on some golden opportunities. Every small or medium business needs a website. To grow business reach or presence you should have a website. These days having a website has become inexpensive and is still equally effective. Following are some reasons to reflect the importance of having a website:

  • 93% of the product/service buying decision starts with a search of website
  • The website can be the best way to showcase product or service
  • Businesses can improve their ROI
  • Websites are the best way to showcase your product/service

The online presence of any business helps them in more lead generation. Businesses can anytime also use social media platforms for branding their product/service. They can reach the right audience promptly. The social media algorithms keep on changing and that’s why there should be continuous improvements in website navigation, designing, and other features.

How to Create the Website?

The business website is your key marketing tool and can make your virtual presence stronger. For a carpenter website if you want to create a personalized branding site then you can easily do it by using website-builder. Here before developing your website, you can check some of the competitor's sites and make sure that it should be user-friendly.

The standard steps involved in website creation are:

i) Right Platform Selection

When you design or develop the website for your business then you have two options. You can either choose a website-building platform or hire an expert for the same. However, if you will choose a DIY or do-it-yourself platform like WebsFB then you need not hire a technical expert. These platforms are budget-friendly and anyone even any non-coding background person can make a website through the platform.

ii) Quality Content

Website content is the medium that can convey your offering to your customers. Your site visitors not only come to visit your site even to get more information about your business and service or product check the detailed description on your website. Your site should have quality content. Long sentences are not desired by the visitors; however, the site content should be crisp and informative. You can easily create site content that should revolve around your product or service.

iii) Website Customization

Small business owners can also customize their websites matching with their services. Website building platforms like WebsFB can be the best way to build and customize the site. Here the customization is not a difficult process you can make the ultimate branding site and customize it as well if ever you have to change or update the site content or product or service information or your logo then you can easily take the help of update feature of the site and customize it.

iv) Website Maintenance

Site maintenance is equally important as website development. Due to many reasons like upgrading the site or updating any site feature or enhancing its capability, you may need to update the site. Site maintenance is about taking care of all such aspects that are part of every site development. Moreover, site security and protection are major concerns. Website maintenances take care of all such aspects.

v) Website Promotion

When the small business owner develops their site and wants to get more traffic or customer then they have to promote their service. Service or product marketing can not only enhance your reach but rightly done product marketing can also improve sales by bringing the right target audience to your site.

 You can bring more customers to your site if the service will be promoted in the right way and through the right channel. Some businesses use digital marketing while others use social media to promote their product or service.

How to build a fitness website through WebsFB

So, now you know all the required steps to develop the website and all points related to website development. If you are looking for any DIY platform to create your perfect fitness website, then WebsFB is the right platform. WebsFB offers several ready-to-use templates to its fitness clients.

The WebsFB is a quick and customer-friendly website building platform through which fitness can either develop their website by themselves or get it done as well. The website development is just 3 days process on WebsFB where the users can also upload their video and images as well. Some of the other offered features of WebsFB offerings are:

  • DIY and Get it Done Website Development Options
  • Responsive/Mobile-Friendly one-page websites
  • Site development and maintenance
  • The site and product promotion
  • Security compliance

Hence the sites developed on WebsFB are small and featured. The fitness professionals can showcase their service through their personalized website and use their site as a portfolio to prove their authenticity.

Popular Fitness Website Templates on WebsFB


Gym and fitness is a popular trade. The WebsFB themes are packed with lots of practical options, you can showcase your most iconic products through these templates. Whether you run your gym or work in collaboration with others you can showcase all products/fitness machines from different angles and highlight the best one.

Through this “FITNESS” theme or template you can use slider images to showcase or display the product design. In the above site template, you can use the site portfolio feature to display required and essential information.


Through “PSYCHEX” template the health professionals can also display their service in detail and portfolio along with testimonials. Through the client’s section, you can display the awards or certificates won by you, you can also display customer reviews to prove business credibility.

3. SPA

“SPA” theme of WebsFB is perfect for the professionals that have a huge skilled team. The Spa service professionals can choose the template to showcase their portfolio, prices, and video. Through contact details, you can also inform your location to your customer and the stats option will help you to enlist past performance details.


No matter who you’re: a yoga teacher, sports center owner, a personal coach or a healthy lifestyle geek, you can’t do without an online presence in today’s world.

Here are the steps:

1. Right Platform Selection

2. Quality Content

3. Website Customization

4. Website Maintenance

5. Promotion

If you want more tips on web development or have an inquiry, drop us a line to discuss your business requirements.

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