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Fire Up Your Sales this Diwali in 2021

October 27 - 2 year before blogpost

Diwali or festivals are the time to rejuvenate your relationship with your customer. The light festival Diwali is the largest consumer spending period that accounts for billion-dollar sales. This is because most of the consumers wait for Diwali to avail certain offers at an unbelievable price that they can avail themselves of only once every year.

It has been noticed that every year more than 20 million people shop online on Diwali. They use several platforms to shop during the season of Diwali. If you too have any business, then you can boost your online sale on this festive day by putting your business online.  If you don’t have much time to make your website, then you can choose the WebsFB like website-builder platform to bring your business online.

WebsFB India Festive Flash Sale invites you to build your own mobile-ready online website for 6 Months FREE now through 8 November 2021.

Moreover, when you decide to be online then still you should consider certain points that we are going to discuss here.

5 Key Considerable Elements to Design Diwali Sales Boosting Strategy

 The online presence of small businesses is not sufficient if they want to boost their Diwali sale. During festive seasons inclusion of certain specific aspects can increase the chance of lead conversion by boosting site sales. Some tactics that you can use while designing a campaign strategy for your Diwali offer are:

  • Connect to Your Audience Emotionally

Your Diwali campaign should convey an emotional story to your client that must inspire the audience so that they can buy your product. These stories can be of childhood memories, relationships, or possibly of any social message.

For example, on Diwali Cadbury or Big Bazar like big brands come up with an ad campaign of pollution-free Diwali celebration with other family members. The ad's campaign conveys a meaningful and emotionally connected message to the viewers. It in turn helped the brands in increasing their sales.

The brands can also create emotional messages or emails and send them to their potential customers. They can also use their site to convey the message to their site visitors and promote their offering as well.

  • Attract More Customers

Online marketing is all about attracting a maximum number of customers that hold interest in your product. You can do this by designing a decorative Diwali landing page that can convey a festive mood. You can choose a banner image as well with beautiful rangoli in the background and list several Diwali offers there along with several illuminating objects like Diya or crackers. Some tips to craft festive offers are:

  • You can offer combos to your customer like buy-one-get-one-free or certain discounts
  • You should display customer’s testimonials or reviews or ratings on the landing page that attract the new customers
  • You can also invite the site visitors to be your premium members and offer them additional discounts on the products

Try to make your offer better than your competitors as well.

  • Formulate Appropriate Marketing Strategy

Mentioning the product or offer is not sufficient unless your customer will not see it. To market your product today you can use several social media tactics like:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Flyers or Offer Flyers

Like you can use the Facebook marketing tool to inform your customers about the Diwali sell or deals. A contest can also increase customer engagement.

  • Competitive Rates

Competitive pricing means offering a better product rate or offering something extra to your site visitors better than your competitor. If you will offer the best price then your sale will be guaranteed to increase. Your customer can also promote your product to their friends, family, or colleagues.

However, while adjusting product prices or making festival or Diwali offers do not drop the product price beyond a certain limit. You can simply offer free shipping or add gift-wrapping or promote the less-selling product as well.

  • Proper Operation Execution

The product listed on site must be within stock as suppose if any customer comes at your site and find its desired product but it's not in stock then it's not going to work. Being a business owner you should make sure that before announcing your Diwali offer all products must be within stock. Some other must-have operations include:

  • Prompt response to customer query
  • Quick order refund and return execution
  • Professional solution of every customer query

However, a free shipping offer is always appreciated and expected by the customers.

What WebsFB is Offering to its Customers on this Diwali?

On the pious and auspicious occasion of Diwali WebsFB has brought a lucrative offer for its customers. Keeping in mind all the above-listed points WebsFB is offering Diwali discounts to small business owners. The offer includes:

  • Zero cost-free websites set up for 6 months
  • Free basic templates
  • Secure Server
  • Data Backup
  • Website Hosting
  • Web Support
  • Email Account
  • SEO

Here the WebsFB Diwali offer can be availed by the small businesses, and they can come online and draft their own Diwali offers for their customers. WebsFB Diwali's offer is only for a limited period, so if you want to start your online presence then this is the right time to get it started. Do not wait as the offer will end soon.

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