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How To Create a Stunning Barbershop Website?

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"Small, medium, or large, every business needs an online presence to execute its professional work and enhance its reach. Any business's online portfolio helps to showcase its product or service. It is the platform where your target audience reaches you and hires your service."


To showcase the service, barbers need a barbershop website. In addition, they need the right tool to get the job done. A barbershop website or online portfolio site can be a medium to express the voice through the website. Today, this blog will discuss how barbers can create a website.

Barbers or salons who need coding experience create their websites through website-building platforms. In the US, there will be 135,930 barbershops in 2021. This business is continuously growing, and the growing number of business organizations also increases the competition in the industry.

Barber is the faster-growing industry in the US, making it increasingly difficult for any barbershop to establish itself without almost no digital effort.

However, barbershops are small businesses, and small businesses have limited resources when implementing barbershop marketing ideas.

This means that when marketing a barbershop, the best approach is often repeated in larger corporations: work smarter, not harder.

Well-planned and focused marketing of the service is the only means to achieve business success. The barber’s website can help you to stand out from the competition and provide fast growth to your business. In this article, we will look at some ideas on how to market your barbershop, why you need the best websites, and how anyone can create a business website without coding skills.

Why Should You Have The Best Barbershop Website?

Today either every small or large business has a website, but it has been seen that small businesses are slow in creating a website. A survey says that small businesses do not have their website, and 41% of the small businesses including barbers drive revenue only from social media.

Whether by having the website, they can get better revenue. Here are some reasons why a website is recommended for small businesses. Let us know them:

  • Customers/Clients expect to have a new website
  • Products/Services can also be sold online
  • Website is easier to keep up to date
  • A website increases brand reliability or loyalty
  • Businesses can find their nearby customers
  • Website is an affordable and consistent medium in comparison to the traditional advertising

You may already have a social media presence with some good reviews and think it may be sufficient for your business. However, social media platforms keep on changing their strategy and algorithms. Therefore, what is reasonable and appropriate today may not be suitable for the next day or after a few weeks. However, if you will have the website, then you can always have control over that and may update its content and layout as per your choice at any time.

A website is your consistent and controlled platform, while social media channels are not. Moreover, customers also keep on switching from one social media platform to another. So, no matter what social media platform your customers use, they can always locate your service at the same place: your website.

How to Create the Website?

Your website is your virtual presence and key marketing tool. For example, a website can be the best marketing tool for Barbers or hairstyling salons. If you are reading this post, I am sure you want to create your personalized branding site.

The Barber business is one of the fastest-growing and booming businesses in the US. A user-friendly and comprehensive website can establish the web presence of the brand. Moreover, the accessibility of the website through several devices enhances its potential. You can check several barbershop websites to get inspired.

The best barbershop websites can also embrace digital marketing and boost their online presence. When you decide to have a website for your barbershop, you should check other competitive barbershop websites design as well to make sure that they are user-friendly and try to make them more creative.

Now let us see the major steps involved in website creation for the barber site:

When designing and developing a business website for a barbershop, you can find two options. The first option is to code and create a barbershop website design with lots of technicalities that also need lots of time to learn and master. Due to the same reason, most people think it is pretty tricky and requires lots of coding and designing skills.

But these days, organizations can also opt for website-building platforms like WebsFB to build their websites instead of hiring technical experts. Today, more than half of the internet is built through website-building platforms for several reasons they are free to use, highly customizable, and user-friendly. In addition, you need not be technically an expert to create the website through WebsFB like a one-page website builder.

2. Content Creation

Refrain from tempting to write massive or lengthy content for the website. People do not wish to read more content. They lack patience. Try to write a few lines or text-based points only. In this age of DIY website creation, small businesses can quickly publish their business website. When your customer visits your website, they check your page for quality content that can ensure whether your customer will stay or leave the site.

The content on your site or digital world is like a mixture of graphics, writing videos, audio and textual information. Depending on your service or product, you can create your website content. The content should make your business unique and valuable. By citing the resources, you can also improve your content's credibility.

3. Website Customization

Many website-building platforms like WebsFB help small business owners develop their websites, including the best barbershop website templates. There you can develop it without any coding. You can customize your websites on such platforms matching your product or service. The website can be converted into your perfect branding piece. Whatever barbershop website template you choose for your website, make sure that the finally customized website must match your service. For any successful business, this is compulsory to grow your business, which is possible only through online marketing. However, sometimes a bigger investment may involve customized website designing and brand promotion but increased ROI and boosted sales can make this investment worth it.

4. Maintaining the Website

Another aspect of developing or creating your website is maintaining the site. There are many obvious reasons for avoiding getting hacked, implementing site plans, and avoiding the poor user experience. In addition, website maintenance can make sure the site's performance. For example, if your site speed is slow or any change in the listing of services is required, you can do it. Your site needs maintenance after successfully implementing the development step.

5. Getting Noticed/Reaching to Target Audience

Marketing tools are used by businesses to promote their service or product. Your business can only grow if you will promote it properly. Marketing is a major aspect of every business, and a lack of sales may bring the business down.

Website creation is only sufficient once you reach the right audience or customers. You can enhance your customer engagement by providing exemplary service. Social media is another right platform through which you can respond to customers’ queries and directly connect to them. Moreover, you can know their preferences and plan the service accordingly. Social media profiles can be linked with websites to bring more traffic to the site.

What Can WebsFB Do?

So, we have described all the required steps to create the website and a list of multiple points for site creation. If you still need clarification about the exact website creation steps, that too in record time without much effort, then the perfect answer is WebsFB.

What differentiates WebsFB from similar or website-building platforms is that it can provide you with a running and live website in three days. WebsFB clients must only give their portfolio information to us, and then it becomes our responsibility to showcase your brand personality through your website. Some unique features of WebsFB Barber’s website:

  • DIY and Web Designer are both Options
  • Optimized barbershop website designs an appropriate look and feels to the pages
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • High-quality imagery
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Google ranking assistance

WebsFB can create a dedicated and branding website for barbers or hair salons. Not only can the barbers have a business website, but they will also have a Google listing that can boost their business presence. With WebsFB, you can leave the branding and promotion activities to us. We can develop the website and even guide you through its maintenance and SEO steps.

Additional Tips

Finally, we will enlist some additional tips for successful portfolio management. Any portfolio website can make the most out of it if it follows some additional tips as we have listed below:


Perform Website SEO: A website without a visitor is no benefit. You will have to optimize the site so that it can have proper clients and they can easily reach it. This can be done by improving site ranking, for which you may need to stuff the site content with the required keywords. For barber service, the used keywords may be like using barbershop or barber business and many more. SEO ensures the site will rank at the top of Google and other search engines.


Keep the Things Short: Commercial blogs and websites can have lots of content, while the portfolio website should be to the point and straight. Depending on the service, your website content should match the purpose. More stuff on the site may confuse visitors and convey unclear thoughts to them.


A portfolio website for a barber’s business can make you quite different and unique. It can keep you apart from competitors, and you can have the best barbershop website without any technical skills. To get a website, you need not spend much time; with WebsFB, you can get a portfolio website just in three days.

WebsFB clients should be reassured about all the above-discussed steps. They can have their online portfolio website just in three days. Likewise, the business owner need not think about the rest of the steps for website creation, like platform selection, content creation, website customization, maintenance of the website, and reaching the right audience.

Complete barber’s website setup is just a few steps process with WebsFB. You can leave your worries by choosing a website builder or can opt for a DIY option as well. However, you can get an excellent barber’s portfolio website in both cases. So, what are you waiting for? Just start designing your portfolio website designing today.

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