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How to Increase Organic Website Traffic in 2022?

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Organic search can increase the website revenue and traffic and that is why online marketing teams keep on trying for the same continually. The sites that rank on the first page for certain keywords in search engines get more organic traffic, apart from this ranking in the top 3 positions or featured snippet for the selected keyword can also increase website traffic exponentially.

So, every website owner must try to figure out organic ways to increase website traffic. Here are five popular tactics to increase search traffic and improve marketing goals. Let us see and understand the tactics in the next section:

5 Key Tactics to get Website Traffic

Tactic 1: Identify and Improve the Non-Performing Content

Non-performing content is the content of the site that fails or does not help the site to achieve its marketing goals. Sometimes referrals from other sites and organic traffic may not do any favor to your site content and even may hurt your chance to get search traffic. To identify the non-performing content you can follow the below steps:

  1. Create an inventory of target keywords
  2. Know the keywords that are driving traffic to your site
  3. Know some SEO statistics like broken links, dead-end pages duplicate content on the site

After identifying the non-performing or low-performing content now refresh on-page SEO and optimize meta tag, headers, and image ALT tag.

Well, it is mandatory to identify and eliminate the non-performing content that may spoil the search engine crawl budget. The performing content can position your site better in SERP and win more organic traffic through appropriate clicks.

Tactic 2:  Find New Keyword Opportunities

Even the strong site keywords may have some gaps, and this is natural as new and relevant keywords keep on emerging all the time. You must add up new keyword opportunities and try to incorporate them into your new SEO strategy.

Experts say that doesn’t always accept and perform the gap-filled keyword strategy, sometimes missed keyword opportunities can also grow organic traffic. This strategy can also give you competitive advantages as well. Identifying the new keywords and incorporating them into keyword strategy iterations can increase brand visibility and search traffic.

Tactic 3: Site Optimization for Higher CTR

Positioning the keyword at the right place is only half the work to win the battle of generating organic traffic. You also have to convince the searchers to click on the link of your site rather than your competitor’s site. CTR optimization is the metric on which Google prioritizes the search results. You can follow the following steps to optimize the CTR:

  1. Through Google Search Console identify the low CTR content of your site. Download it to Excel and know pages with low CTR and high performance.
  2. As per the list make the list of meta titles including your newly identified keywords
  3. Update meta descriptions by inculcating the newly identifies keywords and call to action text

After making the sheet and all changes now monitor and track the CTR for this new content and know the improvements to be made to increase website traffic.

Tactic 4: Perform Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can offer you more links back to your site. Either you can become a guest blogger of another site or can invite people in your site niche to write a blog on your niche. Any guest post on a high-authority site can increase your website traffic and increase it significantly. Guest blogging usually offers the following benefits:

  1. Can build established authority
  2. Increase organic traffic
  3. Improve brand visibility
  4. Boost social media share
  5. Expand the list of subscribers

Usually, the guest post site owners encourage the guest bloggers to share the site link. You can build a high-quality relationship with your audience and develop professional relationships with other businesses as well.  

Tactic 5: Create Video Content on YouTube

Your textual site content strategy may not be sufficient for your website. You have to turn your content into different formats like audio and video. These days video content has become a crucial aspect for every business. On your website as per its navigation structure you can place videos on any of the following pages of your site:

  1. Homepage
  2. Service Page
  3. About Us Page
  4. Blog Posts
  5. Landing Page

In today’s hyper-competitive and organized market, it has become most important to optimize the site content and grab users' attention through video content.

Final Tip to Generate Organic Traffic in 2022

This post may not be sufficient for that but still, the tips that we have covered can help you in building a successful content strategy. Guest posting, video content creation, keyword identification are the steps that may take some of your time, especially for the small or new website owners. But doing so consistently and strategically can indeed give your website organic traffic in 2022. However, to perform the steps you should try to choose the right tool and perfect website building partner.

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