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How to create a website free of cost in 2023?

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Whether you are operating any offline or online business it's crucial to have a website in today’s digital world. Website development rate may vary depending on the type of your business and the features that you want to inculcate in your site. Website development can be done either by hiring any professional or through free website builder.

The way that you will pick will affect the overall cost of building the website. You can either create your own website free of cost or by paying a small amount or if you will hire a web developer then it may cost somewhere around $10,000 or more.

Below we are going to discuss all three methods to give you a rundown of the complete costs involved in the web development so that you can choose the best option for you and your business. And create your own website free with no coding skills required.

Factors Involved to Decide Cost of Website

The development cost of the website depends on several factors like its complexity of design, development, and integrations. Before calculating the cost of website development, you may need to determine the factors and that may be:

  • Type of Website
  • Size of Website
  • Purpose and Region

The most important aspect for every business owner is to know why they are developing the website. By this, you can determine the cost and type of the website that you need to develop and the location of your customer for which you are planning to launch it. Now let us know in detail the cost of websites when you DIY or hire the developers.

Website Cost When You Create Your Website

Building your website on your own is a good way to remain within budget and get an online presence. The availability of several free create website builder platforms makes the website-building process simple and quick.

You need not to code or host as well and still, you can get a responsive web design. If you plan to use the website builder then the following steps will be sufficient for you:

Step 1: Choose Your Website Builder

Step 2: Choose Your Domain (Some web builder platforms also provide domain)

Step 3: Select a template from available options

Step 4: Select images and customize the layout

Most of the time this process of website creation through website builder is not that much difficult. Here, you also don’t need to maintain your website they also take care of that aspect as well. Moreover, to bring your business to notice of your customer you will have to start promoting your service and the website builders like WebsFB also offer the same to its customers.

Website Cost When You Hire the Developer

If you want to know the exact cost of the website when you hire the web developer, you need to ask the service provider and it will include several factors as well. The average cost of the website may go up to $80,000 depending on the type of website that may be:

  • Educational Website
  • Marketplace Website
  • Web Portal
  • eCommerce Website
  • Service Website

Apart from this, you should know the type of team that you would like to hire. Type of teams means to know the way to source people to develop the website. There can be the following four types of teams and the website creation cost will also depend on your selection.

  • In-House Team
  • Team of freelancers
  • Hiring or outsourcing an agency

When you estimate the cost of website development then the type of website usually plays an important role. Some aspects like the number of screens, number of roles, number of features, the complexity of business logic, and number of third-party integrations may impact the site cost. Therefore, the cost of a custom website may range from $30,000 to $300,000.

Website Designing by WebsFB

At WebsFB we offer the free website builder platform where you free create website for your business without knowing the coding skill and make it live by following the basic 7 steps by selecting the free templates.

And if you want more then select the paid templates and we have a team of experienced developers that can create your website and delivered to you within 3 working days.. Moreover, the websites built by WebsFB are secure and custom domain friendly.

We believe that the process o website development and design to bring the business online should not be much difficult. We know it's hard to run a business physically, so we try to make the entire process of bringing it online easier. Small businesses can either create a website free of cost or can hire our develop

WebsFB Platform is not costly, and the users can create their website just in seven steps. Not only this we also assist our customers in promoting their website. The reach of the business is increased and boosted when they use our platform. Our philosophy is not to make the website building process complicated, even we want to build an affordable and business-friendly website for small business owners.

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