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Why Small Businesses Should Develop Business Websites on WebsFB?

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Do you know that only 10% of US citizens do not use the internet? The majority of Americans are now online and that is a sufficient reason to be online. There are some specific reasons that we are going to discuss here to have an online presence, moreover, website-building platforms can help businesses to have a website in a few steps only.

Why Small Businesses Should Have a Website?

There are plenty of benefits of having a website both for small business owners and for big business owners, for startups and for large corporations. However, it’s shocking that 28% of small businesses don't have a website yet and 44% plan to create one in 2022.. Now, when modern people spend about 8 hours a day on the Internet, influencing the way we live and work, any successful business should have a web presence.

A website can help businesses in getting new potential customers online. The website can also act as a product or service catalog that helps the customers in getting familiar with your service. WebsFB like an easy-to-use and feature-rich platform can indeed be used to develop a customer-friendly website in a few easy steps.

There are many reasons to have a business website, So let’s look at some of them right now.

  • Customer Expectation

Today every customer searches for any service or product through the internet. Hence, digital-savvy customers search and try to locate your service through the internet. It is your website that helps them to reach you.

  • Your Website your Voice

Displaying or showcasing your service or product becomes easier through the website. You can convey the information related to your product or service either through images or videos.

  • Round the Clock Availability

The customer can search you and your service at any time of the day. The website remains available round-the-clock and therefore can provide relevantly and required information to the customer as and when they search for you.

  • Worth Money

You can not generate much money if you will not reach the target customers. Your website can help you in reaching the target customers within seconds and in a cost-effective manner. You can also get the return on investment for your business through the website.

  • Visibility on Google Search Engine

Before making a purchase decision every customer performs online research. Even the search engine optimization strategy helps the businesses in appearing on higher rank in search engine results. A search engine-friendly website can increase website traffic by improving search engine ranking.

Why Small Businesses Should Develop Business Websites on WebsFB?

Building a website is not that difficult task with WebsFB.  Naïve and experienced both types of users will find WebsFB a user-friendly platform. Even for non-tech savvy users, the platform can be of great help. Let’s know some more benefits of using WebsFB website builder:

  1. No Coding Skills Required: WebsFB users do not require any coding or technical skills. The builder has a user-friendly interface and even a layman can develop the website using WebsFB. It’s just a 7-step process to create a website on the WebsFB platform.
  2. DIY or Get it Done: WebsFB users can either choose DIY option to develop their custom website or can opt another option. If you are not technically qualified person, then choosing another option where you need not too much can be a great option.
  3. Secure Website Hosting: WebsFB users get completely secured website hosting. With WebsFB you need to be worried about site security. It is just in-built like feature that help the users in securing their website.
  4. Easy Design Edit: Website editing is also a few-step process just like website development. If at any time you want to edit images or content or navigation of your existing website, then you can log in to your account and edit the website layout.
  5. Website Creation a Simple Process: The entire process of website creation is simple. You can choose a suitable business-friendly template among the available ones. There are business-friendly paid and free templates available that can be suitable for your business genres.
  6. No Big Budget is Required: You can choose any of the free or paid plans for website development. Even if you will be choosing the paid plan of WebsFB it will be still affordable as compared to hiring a professional website developer.
  7. Quick Website Development: You can up your website in no time. Website building is a few-step process due to the availability of pre-designed templates. All you need to do is just upload your business details like business logo, images, and content and make your website live in 7 steps.
  8. Integrated SEO Optimization: All small business websites developed through WebsFB are search engine optimized. The websites already have are optimized through keywords, meta tags and other search engine elements.
  9. Integrated Lead Generation Form:  If you want to know which customer wants to contact you or want to know the contact information of your site, then just add “Contact Us” form on your website. This form helps the business owners in collecting user information.
  10. Galley Images: Every portfolio website may have its own business images that can give an idea to the site users about your experience. Businesses can upload their images under gallery to showcase their service.
  11. Google My Business: To increase the business visibility in nearby area you can add Google My Business account. Google My Business is a tool by Google that enhance business marketing. WebsFB users get their business profile listed on Google My Business.

Website Creation Steps on WebsFB Platform

The presence of website-building tools and platforms also makes it easier to build a website even without any coding skills. Just by following the simple step process, you can get your website ready.  WebsFB is a great platform that helps you to create a small business website in just a few steps. You can bring your business online in just a few minutes and steps. Let us know the steps:

  • Template Selection

On WebsFB if you want to make a website then as a first step you will have to select a template depending on the type of your business. On WebsFB you can either select the template matching with your service like barber, financial, educational, or lifestyle, or food service or can also select an existing template and customize it for your service. You don’t need to select the template just because it looks attractive firstly know your service and then choose the best template for your content.

You don’t need to select the template just because it looks attractive firstly know your service and then choose the best template for your content. WebsFB site users can either choose a free or premium template. They can get their website within 3 days.  

  • Selection of Color Theme

When you select your template then now is the time to choose a color theme. The color theme that you choose for your business website should match with customer choice and logo as well. By choosing the right color theme can make your website different from your competitors and attract many new customers as well. It has been seen that most of the customers buy the product only due to the amazing color theme. So, while selecting the color theme be cautious.

WebsFB has also specified certain simple color descriptions as well under every color. These descriptions also help WebsFB customers in making their choice easier. By this, you can choose your color theme without any confusion.

  • Add Business Logo

 Now that you have selected your site theme and color now is the time to add your business logo. Moreover, if you do not have any business logo then based on your business type and website theme you can design your business logo. The logo of your business is like your brand identity. Your logo is the brand identity that your customer will remember. WebsFB users can add or update their site logo at any time.

  • Designing Website Navigation

Website navigation designing is an important aspect for the customer so that when your customer comes the first time then they do not find any difficulty in locating your services. WebsFB customers can add as many sections or menu options to their site as they wish. Through the Website navigation option, you can add up to 7 sections to your site:

  • Home
  • Services
  • Gallery
  • Contact
  • About Us

If at any time you want to change the order of navigational options, then if also quite simple. There is always an option for WebsFB users to alter or change the navigation of the website. However, small businesses are always advised to keep the navigation as simple as they can so that the viewers can understand your service in a better manner.

  • Account Setup

When you finalize everything about your website like its logo, navigation, color and theme then is time to create your account so that you can create your first free website that too without coding. For account creation on WebsFB, you need to provide a functional email and password. Your account will help WebsFB to uniquely identify your business and you will also receive a verification link in your mail. By confirming your details, you can take one more step in making the website live.

  • Adding Site Content

Now, when you will reach this step now you will have to add some content to the site. Your site will work just as a skeleton without any content with some blank sections. So, now you should add some content in several sections of the site like it’s About Us, contact, service, and other required sections. Editing of these sections will include the inculcation of several small and big required information in the site. You can also edit the site logo, add images, and do much more with this.

  • Site Publishing

The final step of website creation is to publish the site. But before publishing the site make sure that whether it's all sections are working properly or not. If still, you want to make some changes to the website, then you can make them. Moreover, as a final step on WebsFB when you will publish it then you will get a congratulate message as a confirmation of your live website.


As there are many reasons due to which small businesses should have a website and a few of them we have listed here. Either a user can develop a free-of-cost website or can get it done. The website development cost has been reduced a lot due to WebsFB like website building platform. If you have decided to create a website for your small business, try WebsFB. On the WebsFB platform, users can create a website in a few minutes or have their personalized website by their team in just 3 days.

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